The Psycho-Oncology Society of Ghana was formed on the 31st of March, 2018 with the aim of providing psycho-social services to patients with cancer and their caregivers in Ghana and beyond. The organization seeks to provide a training ground for mentor-ship to advocate and also raise funds to support patients who are less privileged.

POSOGH seeks to serve as a medium to disseminate information to professionals and the general public about psycho-oncology, create awareness on cancer To encourage and train clinicians working with cancer patients.

The organization will help promote the science and practice of psycho-social oncology as evidence-based and integral to quality cancer care meetings. Organize conferences, workshops, research, exchange of ideas related to psycho-oncologic aspect of cancer, prevention, patient and caregiver.

POSOGH will help to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration through research, education, mentorship and professional networking work with industry and other potential donors to develop mutually beneficial projects in the area of cancer care

Research Interest: psychological distress, coping, quality of life, spirituality and religiosity among cancer patients and caregivers.

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